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Wind Turbines Disrupt the Flow of Prana 

Author:  | Environment, Health, New York, Videos


Wind turbines disturb the proper functioning of Mother Earth’s subtle body by blocking the flow of Prana,what Taoists and practitioners of feng shui call chi, or qi the life force that sustains humanity and the plant and animal kingdoms.

By disrupting the flow of prana wind turbines are also injuring Mother Earth’s subtle body and diminishing her ability to regulate and maintain the environment. By damaging Mother Earth we may be exacerbating the affects of pollution because she is less able to deal with humanity’s onslaught on the environment. In other words, Mother Earth may be challenged by our pollution and disregard of her, but when we undertake measures that compromise her proper functioning, we seriously diminish her ability to process all that we throw at her.

Before rushing into employing alternative forms of energy such as wind turbines we need to consider the problems that they create. Previously, problems created by large wind turbines focused on their visual impact and the killing of birds. This paper explores the damage done by wind mills in disrupting the flow of prana across the surface of Mother Earth. It does not consider other damage done to Mother Earth’s subtle body by wind turbines.

Video of Prana Movement by Windfarm


Since this article came out several reports have surfaced about the illnesses created by Wind Turbines. Even a book calling the health damaging affects of Wind Turbines the Wind Turbine Syndrome. Some of the news articles:
From Maine
From Missouri
From the UK


Like just about every body else I had been very enthusiastic about the prospects of wind turbines and other forms of alternative energy to save the environment. That was until one weekend in October 2008 when I stopped my car in upstate NY, about 40 miles north of Syracuse in the Tug hill area to take a photograph of some windmills. The second I stepped out of my car I got a severe headache that felt as if my head was being squeezed in a vise. I took out my dowsing rods to determine what was creating the severe pain in my head. Within a few minutes I realized that the flow of prana was being disrupted by the large blades of the many wind turbines around me.

The Flow of Prana, Mind Body

Prana (Hindu Vedanta and Tantric term), what feng shui practitioners call chi or qi, is the life force that sustains humanity and the rest of the world. We cannot live without it. Prana is meant to flow across the surface of the earth giving life to and interacting with all that it comes in contact with. As within our own subtle body the flow of prana is regulated by a series of earth chakras, ducts and energy lines. There are several forms of prana in the ether around us. The one that I will be referring to is what I call Earth (also Material) Prana, because it is the prana that is recycled through the earth. Because it is circulated through the earth it is coarser and of a lower nature. See The Circulation of Prana; How Mother Earth’s Subtle Body Works.

Earth prana is released from ducts on the surface of the earth and is drawn to an earth chakra a few hundred meters away. Like a human chakra the vortex of the earth chakra draws the prana in and recycles it through the earth before it is sent back into the air. Prana moves in a fairly straight line in the ether around us. Material objects and other factors can alter or even disrupt its flow.

Within our own subtle body the smooth flow of prana, or chi/qi, is critical to our health and well being. As Richard Gerber, MD notes; “For good health to be enjoyed, one must have constant and unimpeded energy flow … If we are blocked in some way and thus impair the flow of energy at any level of the system, disease results.” (page 475, Vibrational Medicine, Bear & Co., 2001)

When prana is blocked that part of the body where the blockage is located, or further along its circulatory path, does not get enough of the life force and eventually this deprivation leads to disease from a lack of nourishment. Note how Phoebe and Lawrence Bendit in The Etheric Body of Man (Quest Books 1989) describe how blocked prana leads to disease:

There is a slight break in the rhythm of the vital currents over the site of the injury … This is often visible long before there is any evidence of organic trouble. It begins as a batch of disorganization of the currents in the particular part of the field over the organ affected. The rhythmic flow becomes broken and irregular, and small vortices form in which, as in a river whirlpool, waste matter accumulates instead of being thrown out … The movement slows down until real stagnation occurs. Then, at a certain point, the whole process becomes, as it were, precipitated into the level of the physical tissues and local organic disease is established. (pages 26-27)

In other words the blockage of prana in the human subtle body leads to disease and it may take a long time before the area where the prana is being blocked manifests as disease. Shortly I will discuss how this same stagnating formation is found near wind turbines.

Acupuncturists and healers such as Reiki practitioner work to release blockages in the flow of the life force to eradicate illness and heal us. Once cleared of blockages prana begins properly circulating and can hopefully restore vigor to the diseased area by revitalizing it with the life force.

The flow of prana

To better understand the flow of prana please look at Exhibit’s A to E that show the movement of prana unencumbered and the progressive degenerative stages when its flow is blocked. In a perfect world (Exhibit A) earth prana is released from a duct and travels towards an earth chakra in the distance. As it moves it interacts with everything that it meets along its path.

Exhibit A. Smooth flow of prana. Prana moves unfettered from an duct (D) to an earth chakra (C).

Exhibit A. Smooth flow of prana. Prana moves unfettered from an duct (D) to an earth chakra (C).

To better understand the dynamic interaction with what it meets look to Exhibit B. Living things, humans, animals and plants absorb the prana while inanimate objects will block or divert its path. Notice how in Exhibit B objects only momentarily divert the flow of prana and as soon as it passes the object it resumes its normal flow.

Exhibit B. Prana moving around object. Blocked prana moves around objects and continues on its path.

Exhibit B. Prana moving around object. Blocked prana moves around objects and continues on its path.

Exhibit C shows how prana, chi/qi, can have its flow disrupted to such a great degree that its movement is hindered and it can begin to stagnate in spots.

Exhibit C. Disrupted flow of prana. The flow of prana is blocked and beginning to stagnate.

Exhibit C. Disrupted flow of prana. The flow of prana is blocked and beginning to stagnate.

Over time the stagnation area grows (Exhibit D) to the point that the amount of prana reaching the earth chakra is significantly reduced. It appears that stagnating prana dissipates and loses it vitality rather quickly, although we really don’t know exactly what happens.

Exhibit D. Disrupted flow of prana. The flow of prana is seriously disrupted.

Exhibit D. Disrupted flow of prana. The flow of prana is seriously disrupted.

Over time stagnating prana will increasingly degenerate and forms what dowsers call a negative energy vortex, or what most of us would consider being a mini-tornado (Exhibit E) and resembling the movement of a whirlpool. A negative energy vortex spins in counter-cyclical (cyclical in the southern hemisphere) and like a tornado, exerts a pull on the things around it; a pull that can be very powerful. A negative energy vortex will deplete you by drawing prana and other vital forces from your body if you are in close proximity to it. You may experience a headache, a feeling of lightness as if your blood sugar dropped quickly, or just an overall draining or unpleasant feeling. Over time a negative energy vortex will increase in size.

Exhibit E. Disrupted flow of prana forms negative energy vortex or a mini-tornado. The negative energy vortex is beginning to draw energy towards it, away from the earth chakra.

Exhibit E. Disrupted flow of prana forms negative energy vortex or a mini-tornado. The negative energy vortex is beginning to draw energy towards it, away from the earth chakra.

Visited sites and findings

To ascertain whether wind turbines were in fact disturbing the flow of the life force, several sites were visited in upstate NY. Each site visited showed that the blades of the wind turbine blocked the flow of earth prana beginning anywhere between 300 to 400 feet away from the tower supporting the blades. Because the wind turbines were on private property it was not possible to walk very close to the blades. Several sites were visited when the blades were not moving and there appeared to be no serious blockages of prana at that time. However, it did appear that there was a residual impact remaining, whether that was there before or not is difficult to determine.

The following places were surveyed in New York State.

Barnes Corners, NY. This is the largest wind farm east of the Mississippi. We found serious disruption in the flow of prana, pockets of stagnation and numerous mini-tornadoes. This is the place where I first noticed that there was something wrong with wind farms.

Fenner, 5206 Buyea Road. Found pockets of stagnation and numerous negative vortices.

Fenner, 5306 Buyea Road. In addition to disruptions and negative energy vortexes at a distance of several hundred feet from the wind turbine, I could even feel the blades brush against my subtle body. I felt severe pressure on my head.

Madison/Munnsville, Cole Road. Numerous negative energy vortices, some quite large.

Madison wind farm. Disruptions in the flow of prana, pockets of stagnation and negative energy vortices.

Madison/Bouckville, Crow Hill Road. Found blockages of prana, pockets of stagnation and negative energy vortexes.

Problems Created by Disrupted Prana Flow

Disrupting, blocking and stagnating the flow of prana/chi/qi create problems for both humanity and Mother Earth. How much is difficult to ascertain because we know so little about the spiritual side of Mother Earth and her subtle body and our dynamic relationship with her. We also have limited knowledge of our own subtle body and have only recently begun to accept the mind body concept and the healing techniques of the eastern traditions such as acupuncture.

Disrupting the flow of prana reduces the amount of prana available for the human subtle body to absorb. Examination of healers, such as reiki practitioners shows that the location and environment where they practice matters and when they do healings where prana is blocked, their efforts are impaired. Earth prana, is drawn from the immediate area towards the person doing the healing (Exhibit F). The healing creates a small pocket, or circle of several feet in diameter around the healer as the earth prana in the immediate is drawn towards the healer. I call this a hug from Mother Earth as she is responding to the healers by sending them a healing hug of increased prana.

Exhibit F. Healing. Healing attracts earth prana among other things.

Exhibit F. Healing. Healing attracts earth prana among other things.

Healings done where earth prana is stagnating, or has its flow blocked draws little if any earth prana towards the healing area as shown in Exhibit G. If a healer who is focused on tapping into Mother Earth is not able to draw sufficient earth prana for a healing in an area where prana is blocked, we must assume that everyone is similarly hampered in such a place. So must assume our prana intake is reduced in an area where wind turbines are blocking the flow of prana. It should be noted that other pranas are not blocked and will be drawn to the healing area.

Exhibit G. Prana moving around object. Earth prana is blocked and is not able to go to the healing.

Exhibit G. Prana moving around object. Earth prana is blocked and is not able to go to the healing.

Hurting Mother Earth

Blocking the flow of prana prevents the proper functioning of Mother Earth’s subtle body. As with our own subtle body such blockages mean that part of Mother Earth’s subtle body and the plant kingdom is being deprived of all the nourishment it needs from the life force to properly sustain itself.

The larger concern is that by damaging Mother Earth’s subtle body we may be reducing her ability to properly function. This limits her ability to maintain the environment, potentially having detrimental consequences. For example, medical doctors are all too familiar with how a patient that is comprised from a serous illness is very vulnerable and can succumb to a host of diseases such as pneumonia, the flu or the common cold, that for the healthy person would mean bed rest but not death. In other words, it may well be that while pollution taxes Mother Earth, she has the ability to process a lot; but if her subtle body is compromised her ability to deal with manmade pollution is significantly reduced.

The anti global warming crowd is quick to point out that there are a lot of natural contributors of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere such as decaying forests and forest fires. For a long time Mother Earth was able to process all of the carbon emitted from this and other natural processes, so why global warming now? Environmentalist will argue that global warming is the result of increased carbon production from technology and globalization and a reduction in size of some of the world’s largest forests.

Could it be that we have global warming because we have damaged Mother Earth’s subtle body through a host of ways including wind turbines? That just as with our own subtle body, we have created blockages in Mother Earth’s subtle body that are now beginning to manifest in the disease of global warming. No doubt we have damaged Mother Earth’s subtle body and diminished her ability to properly function. How much of a role this is playing in global warming is difficult to determine at this time. What is not in doubt is that wind turbines compromise Mother Earth’s subtle body.


There are a myriad of other problems created when we disturb Mother Earth’s subtle body. When the flow of earth prana is blocked by things such as wind turbines every thing downstream from it is deprived of nourishment.

After earth prana circulates in the air it is meant to travel through the physical earth before it goes back up into the atmosphere and is recycled. While in the physical earth, it helps maintain the land close to the surface (there is another whole complex architecture that maintains the larger physical planet) and gives nourishment to the plant kingdom.

The question is what is the impact for the plant kingdom if plants and trees are deprived of earth prana? Are they less able to deal with the elements, made more vulnerable to disease and are they made less able to process carbon? Most certainly they are, but we cannot at this time unequivocally demonstrate this.

Hearsay and legend does say that trees are impacted when they are deprived of earth prana, or at least that is what I assume happened at South Hill. South Hill lies at the southern tip of Canandaigua Lake in New York State (30 miles southeast of Rochester) and is where the Seneca people believe they emerged. Renowned archaeologist and NY state historian William Ritchie believed that before the Seneca’s arrived it was the home to the Hopewell and Adena. He attributes the formation of several large stone mounds (now crumbling) on top of the mountain to them.

My analysis has found that those stone mounds were placed upon earth chakras, not only that but every earth chakra on the mountain is similarly covered with stones. This action has the affect of disrupting and blocking the flow of earth prana because it is unable to be properly absorbed into an earth chakra and feed the roots of the trees. This has had the affect of energizing the air like some giant Tesla experiment. A sentient person can sense the blockages and it was most likely done to increase the energy in the air and enhance one’s spiritual experience. While the blockages have not progressed to the point that they are creating mini-tornadoes like windmills do, they are depriving the land of prana. This has had an impact on the trees. Archeologist and NEARA member David Robinson, in Saint George, the Serpent and the Seneca Indians, The Crooked Lake Review, February 1994, notes that legend has it that “trees grow very, very slowly on South Hill.”


Another concern regarding wind turbines blocking the flow of earth prana is that it might contribute to increased violent weather. A negative energy vortex wreaks havoc on the human subtle body and may also play a role in influencing the weather. These whirlpools are very similar to and mimic the movement and behavior of tornadoes, twisters, and hurricanes.

All of the sites visited had mini-tornadoes in their immediate area. One cannot attribute this to the wind turbines with 100% conviction, but without a doubt they at least contributed to their creation or their strengthening. As a negative energy vortex grows in size over time, one must wonder what the affects of such large vortices may have on the surrounding environment and our weather after several decades of wind turbine use. We must remember that the industrial revolution and its ensuing pollution seemed rather innocuous initially, but over time became devastating to people’s health and the environment. Will it be the same for windmills? Will wind farm areas become the equivalent of tornado alley or the host of other violent storms? As was noted earlier it takes a very long time before the blockage of prana in the human subtle body leads to disease.

Undoubtedly there are many more problems that wind turbines create. Unfortunately, we might not able to recognize them before it is too late.

A Grain of Salt

Before totally dismissing the use of wind turbines we need to consider a few things. Wind turbines are not unique in blocking the flow of prana. A host of technologies, structures and other things block the flow of earth prana and other pranas and essences from Mother Earth and have been doing so for a very long time. So in a way wind turbines are nothing new when it comes to disrupting Mother Earth’s subtle body. Perhaps they are even less damaging to Mother Earth’s subtle body than other technologies?

There is also variety of pranas that we can draw upon. It appears that Mother Nature may be inventive and provided a host of back-up forms of prana to sustain us. So while we may be better off by having abundant earth prana sustain us, we might be able to get by without it and rely on some other form of prana.


Wind turbines are clearly disturbing the flow of earth prana. The question is how serious a problem this is and whether it outweighs the benefits of clean technology. I don’t think that we have the answer to that question yet. We cannot properly answer the question because we are so ignorant and naïve in our knowledge of how Mother Earth’s subtle body works and our dynamic relationship with her.

The rush to increase the use of wind turbines by the Obama administration and environmentalist around the world needs to come to a halt. We are rushing into something without understanding the implications of what we are doing. We must not let ourselves be pressured by scientific research that points to a coming tipping point when we cannot stop the assault; some say we have already passed that point and the melting of the polar icecaps, much higher temperatures and other disturbance are inevitable.

The bigger risk is that by rushing into alternative forms of energy we may be further damaging Mother Earth’s subtle body. It is damage that may accelerate global warming by further compromising Mother Earth’s subtle body to properly function. We may also be doing irrevocable damage to her, or damage that will take a long time to heal.

Mother Earth may well have more resilience and ability to respond to our current environmental crisis than we understand. There may be things that we can do to help her heal and better process the filth that we have cast upon her, but to do this we need to have more knowledge of her.

As a person of faith I am convinced that once we understand how Mother Earth works and put our hearts into finding a proper solution anything is possible. As it stands right now we are being sold a panacea that is a mirage. Alternative forms of energy may well help end global warming but its medicine may be worse than the disease. We need to connect with and learn about Mother Earth. Then we will know what needs to be done. Let’s step back and think before we plunge forward.

Madis Senner is former global money manager turned faith based activist. He has written for the NY Times, Barrons, Counterpunch among others. He is author of Japanese Euroderivatives (Euromoney 1990). His book The Way Home—making Heaven on Earth due out with O-books talks about our dynamic relationship with Mother Earth and each other. He maintains an educational website about Mother Earth, her subtle body and a listing of sacred sites at Mother Earth Prayers. Much of his time is spent meditating at sacred sites and helping replenish those sites in need of healing. He welcomes you to visit Mother Earth’s soul to help heal the world and raise your consciousness.

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