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Wind Watch protects your privacy and security

National Wind Watch collects no information from you during regular viewing of the site. If you sign up for the daily newsletter, the information you provide is kept on Wind Watch’s secure server and used only if you later log in to edit your subscription. Wind Watch does not share your information with anyone. Nor does Wind Watch share or sell any information from e-mails or other communications you might have with the organization. Wind Watch is fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Donations can be made anonymously with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. You can also contact Wind Watch anonymously.

In addition, Wind Watch has implemented secure HTTP, or HTTPS, which provides encrypted and secure communication between your browser and the web site.* Wind Watch recommends the HTTPS Everywhere plugin for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Android to maximize secure and encrypted browsing of the internet. Add the Wind Watch ruleset to the HTTPSEverywhereUserRules directory of your Firefox profile to ensure that all links to National Wind Watch in Firefox use HTTPS.

To further enhance your on-line privacy, Wind Watch suggests the Adblock Plus or uBlock browser plugin with the Easyprivacy list of filters. For general web searching, use Startpage/Ixquick, which is powered by Google but does not record IP addresses or track searches (or provide access for unfettered government surveillance). Startpage/Ixquick also provides anonymous proxy access to every result. As of version 40 (September 2016), the Opera browser offers the free use of a virtual private network (VPN) for encrypted browsing and the choice of a few different countries as endpoints. (Opera also offers built-in ad blocking/privacy protection.)

Wind Watch does not include any advertising, analytics, or social media scripts that might be used to track users — except for the Addthis buttons that make it easy to share Wind Watch pages. To block all such tracking, use the Disconnect browser plugin. When Disconnect is installed, a simple click in its dropdown menu can whitelist a page if you want to share it by using the Addthis buttons.

For options to contact Wind Watch anonymously, please refer to the Contact page.

*Technical note:  If an embedded object (e.g., a video or photo) is specified with http, to keep the https page secure your browser may prevent the embedded object from loading. To learn how to override the protection for that page, add the name of your browser to this search.

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