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Every day, thousands of people around the world view the wind-watch.org web site. Thousands more rely on its news and document feeds on other web sites, on Facebook and Twitter, and in the weekly e-mail newsletter.

Wind 2050” is a government and industry funded project in Denmark attempting to study resistance to large-scale wind energy development. In their graphic depiction of the wind information web, wind-watch.org is the most prominent site, the largest circle, referred to by more wind sites than any other:

Since the creation of the web site in 2006, National Wind Watch has had to regularly upgrade hosting services to keep up with steadily rising traffic demands. Dynamic web pages, our daily newsletter, streaming video, implementation of privacy-protecting https, back-ups, and storage of photos, graphics, and documents as well as videos — the services and bandwidth required to keep these running smoothly and responsively are get more expensive every year.

National Wind Watch keeps expenses as low as possible. We are an all-volunteer organization. Every dollar goes directly to providing the information that campaigners around the world rely on. We recognize that campaigners everywhere are already forced to spend too much of their time and money locally to fight inappropriate wind projects. So please consider even a small donation. Just 5 dollars, euros, pounds, kroner, etc.: whatever you are able to give at this time. And if you can afford more, please give more. Consider scheduled monthly giving (see subscription button, below).

We hope you want to show how important National Wind Watch is to you. Please add your contribution — however modest — to help the many thousands of people worldwide who turn to National Wind Watch for essential information about wind power and the impacts of its development in all environments. National Wind Watch cannot remain effective and independent without your help. With your generous gift, we can maintain and expand our efforts to educate our neighbors, regulators, and legislators about the costs and impacts of industrial-scale wind energy.

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Send a Bitcoin contribution to:  1HgXoqPcaQS81ysLg6j7G3gAxK9Skrykti

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Wind Watch is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

You can also support National Wind Watch by purchasing campaign materials from the NWW store at Café Press. Buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts, hats, and posters are available.

National Wind Watch store at Cafe Press

Shop at amazon.com via Smile: Amazon will donate a small portion of the purchase price to National Wind Watch. Add extensions to Firefox, Chrome (also MakeMeSmile), Opera, and Safari browsers to automatically load Smile when you go to Amazon.

Bob Lucas, who wrote and recorded the song "Green Energy Blue" will donate 20% of CD sales generated by NWW. Go to: www.boblucasmusic.com.

Do your web searching with Yahoo-powered GoodSearch. With every search, they make a small donation to NWW. Click here to add GoodSearch to your Internet Explorer or Firefox search bar. In addition, hundreds of online retailers can be accessed through GoodShop and will then make a donation based on your purchase.

GoodSearch: You Search ... We Give!

In addition, you can help by submitting material for the news, alerts (including your announcements, campaign materials, and advertisements to share and inspire others), documents library (e.g., ordinances, research, data, contracts, and essays), picture gallery, and video sections. For the news, which is updated throughout the day, scans or (much better) transcriptions of stories that aren't published on line are very helpful, as well as links to on-line stories from local papers that may not be prominently indexed by search services or are available only to subscribers. If you can comfortably read a language other than English, translated material (or just summaries) from non-English sources also are very helpful.

Wind Watch is tax-exempt nonprofit corporation registered in the USA. None of the officers, board members, advisors, or technical contributors receive reimbursement for their time. All funds go directly to the mission of providing information and support material. Wind Watch may refuse donations intended to influence its policies or from entities whose association could bring its independence into question.

Your support is crucial to keeping this education and research resource available! 
Wind Watch is an independent grass-roots organization and welcomes donations from all individuals as well as other organizations that support our work.

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