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Contacting National Wind Watch

If you have information to share about fighting wind energy development, or if you have a question (including press queries) or a suggestion, send NWW an e-mail or write to:

National Wind Watch, Inc.
82 Wendell Ave., Ste. 100
Pittsfield, MA 01201

Important:  Do not send donations to the above address.
See the Donate page for the address to send donations by mail.

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If you want to contact Wind Watch anonymously, load this page through a VPN service (which is a built-in free option with the Opera browser) or in the Tor browser (available as Orbot for Android devices), and in the form above DO NOT provide your name and e-mail. We won’t, of course, be able to reply.

You can use a temporary e-mail address to include a (temporary) reply e-mail in the form above or to send a regular e-mail to Wind Watch (including to receive a file request for uploading to Dropbox). One provider of temporary e-mail addresses is Guerrilla Mail.

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