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National Wind Watch does not provide analysis of current and potential energy sources other than industrial-scale wind energy. Nor is it NWW's policy to enter into debates beyond those of wind power's merits and downsides, recognizing that those who question the claims of wind power do not necessarily agree on much else.

The controversy of wind power is nonetheless part of the larger issue of our energy future -- both its reliability and its environmental and economic sustainability. NWW therefore recommends these resources for learning more:

"Conservation and alternative electrical energy sources", from the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County [Ontario, Canada]

"Sustainable energy — without the hot air", by David MacKay

"Generating electricity from renewables: crafting policies that achieve society's goals", by Jay Apt, Lester Lave, and Sompop Pattanariyankool

"Global energy: the latest infatuations", by Vaclav Smil

"Electrical energy, science, and you", by John Droz

Also see the NWW press release: Conservation is more effective than wind energy

Click here for NWW's statement regarding climate change and global warming.

And consider that the sun is already beaming down on every rooftop ... that would be the place to expand renewables, as it would not require taking more from nature than we already do.

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