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Resource Documents: Australia (145 items)


Unless indicated otherwise, documents presented here are not the product of nor are they necessarily endorsed by National Wind Watch. These resource documents are shared here to assist anyone wishing to research the issue of industrial wind power and the impacts of its development. The information should be evaluated by each reader to come to their own conclusions about the many areas of debate. • The copyrights reside with the sources indicated. As part of its noncommercial effort to present the environmental, social, scientific, and economic issues of large-scale wind power development to a global audience seeking such information, National Wind Watch endeavors to observe “fair use” as provided for in section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law and similar “fair dealing” provisions of the copyright laws of other nations.

Date added:  October 8, 2019
Australia, Noise, RegulationsPrint storyE-mail story

South Australia Wind Farm Guidelines Consultation

Author:  Cooper, Steven

The issue of an updated noise guideline for wind farms in South Australia represents the third (public) attempt at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to address wind turbine noise and unfortunately still contains significant errors and omissions as to to fundamental requirements with respect to the protection of the amenity of residents in proximity to wind farms. Despite complaints from residents and documentation in relation to such complaints, the EPA have not established appropriate criteria to protect the acoustic amenity . . .

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Date added:  August 30, 2019
Australia, Law, NoisePrint storyE-mail story

Recent developments in the regulation of noise from wind energy facilities in Victoria

Author:  Asten, Heidi; Tarasenko, Ellen; and Ellicott, Thomas

Wind energy facility proponents should take note of recent developments in the regulation of noise impacts from wind energy facilities in Victoria, which signal increased scrutiny of noise impacts from operations. This includes: South Gippsland Shire Council’s finding of statutory nuisance under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) (PHW Act) in relation to the Bald Hills Wind Farm; The impending introduction of the general environmental duty in relation to noise under the Environment Protection Act 2017 (Vic); and . . .

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Date added:  July 6, 2019
Australia, NoisePrint storyE-mail story

Bald Hills noise monitoring data

Author:  Thorne, Bob; and Noise Measurement Services

Bald Hills Wind Farm Summary Report (45.04 MB) [alt. link] Bald Hills Noise Monitoring PTR Data: “The 40 dB(A) noise limit is exceeded on the days coloured ‘peach’/’transparent red’ (PTR)” May 2018 (11.31 MB) [alt. link] June 2018 (22.01 MB) [alt. link] July 2018 (10.88 MB) [alt. link] August 2018 (14.50 MB) [alt. link] September 2018 (12.87 MB) [alt. link] October 2018 (11.87 MB) [alt. link] November 2018 (10.88 MB) [alt. link] December 2018 (6.32 MB) [alt. link] January 2019 (5.35 . . .

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Date added:  June 22, 2019
Australia, Noise, RegulationsPrint storyE-mail story

Wind turbine sound limits: Current status and recommendations based on mitigating noise annoyance

Author:  Davy, John; Burgemeister, Kym; and Hillman, David

Abstract: This paper describes existing wind turbine sound limits in Australian states and several other countries with similar constraints, how these were established and a method that could facilitate their harmonisation. Most existing limits appear to have been adopted to avoid sleep disturbance using data derived from sound sources other than wind turbines. This seems to have been a reasonable approach at the time of their adoption because of the paucity of other suitable data. More recently the concept of . . .

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