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Unless indicated otherwise, documents presented here are not the product of nor are they necessarily endorsed by National Wind Watch. These resource documents are shared here to assist anyone wishing to research the issue of industrial wind power and the impacts of its development. The information should be evaluated by each reader to come to their own conclusions about the many areas of debate. • The copyrights reside with the sources indicated. As part of its noncommercial effort to present the environmental, social, scientific, and economic issues of large-scale wind power development to a global audience seeking such information, National Wind Watch endeavors to observe “fair use” as provided for in section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law and similar “fair dealing” provisions of the copyright laws of other nations.

Date added:  November 14, 2022
Australia, ContractsPrint storyE-mail story

Wind farm on or adjoining your property? – A guide to what you need to know

Author:  Browne, Karen; and Hamilton, Carol

The Western Australian Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. In doing so, energy companies are under increasing pressure to reduce emissions and adopt low or no carbon technologies. The South West Interconnected System has recently doubled in size and includes the 51 turbine Yandin Wind Farm opened in May 2021. Currently, there are plans underway for installation of a further 42 turbine wind farm in the Shires of Kojonup and Broomehill-Tambellup. Rural landowners are coming under . . .

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Date added:  March 25, 2022
Australia, Law, NoisePrint storyE-mail story

Noel Uren and John Zakula v Bald Hills Wind Farm

Author:  Richards, Melinda

Supreme Court of Victoria, VSC 145, 25 March 2022 TORTS – Nuisance – Private – Wind farm operated by defendant – Plaintiffs complain noise from wind turbines disturbs sleep – Substantial interference with plaintiffs’ enjoyment of land – Interference is intermittent and specifically affects plaintiffs’ ability to sleep undisturbed at night – Social and public utility of wind farm – Whether plaintiffs hypersensitive – Nature and established uses in locality – Whether wind farm an established use in locality – . . .

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Date added:  August 19, 2021
Australia, NoisePrint storyE-mail story

Evaluation of wind farm noise amplitude modulation synthesis quality

Author:  Nguyen, Phuc; Hansen, Kristy; Zajamšek, Branko; and Catcheside, Peter

Abstract – Wind farm noise amplitude modulation (WFNAM) is a major contributor to annoyance and could cause sleep disturbance. In laboratory listening experiments assessing its annoyance and sleep disturbance potential, WFNAM stimuli are commonly synthesised and can thus suffer from a lack of ecological validity. Here, five stimuli synthesis methods were compared with measured noise in terms of their perceived similarity. An ABX discrimination listening test and one-third octave band spectra were used for evaluation of the aural and visual similarity, . . .

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Date added:  March 3, 2020
Australia, NoisePrint storyE-mail story

Prevalence of wind farm amplitude modulation at long-range residential locations

Author:  Hansen, Kristy; Nguyen, Phuc; Zajamšek, Branko; Catcheside, Peter; and Hansen, Colin

ABSTRACT – The presence of amplitude modulation (AM) in wind farm noise has been shown to result in increased annoyance. Therefore, it is important to determine how often this characteristic is present at residential locations near a wind farm. This study investigates the prevalence and characteristics of wind farm AM at 9 different residences located near a South Australian wind farm that has been the subject of complaints from local residents. It is shown that an audible indoor low-frequency tone was . . .

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