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Oil stains from nacelle and blade hubGamesa 2-MW turbine in the "Top of Iowa II" facility grimed with oil stains - photo by Julie Kuntz, Feb. 28, 2021Mar 02, 2021
Pryor Mountain, MontanaFour of the 114 giant wind turbines marring the landscape near Pryor Mountain, Montana - photo by Mark HollowayDec 24, 2020
GreeceGreece - photo from Ελεύθερα Βουνά χωρίς αιολικά (Save Greek Mountains)Dec 22, 2020
Ellsworth, IllinoisTwin Groves Wind Farm near Ellsworth, Illinois, May 29, 2019 - photo by David ProeberJun 03, 2020

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Porhoët, FrancePorhoët, France
Magrath Wind Power Project, Alberta, Canada - 1.5 MW turbineMagrath Wind Power Project, Alberta, Canada - 1.5 MW turbine - photo from Suncor Energy
Construction of RE Power 5-MW wind turbine: hoisting the nacelleConstruction of RE Power 5-MW wind turbine: hoisting the nacelle (gearbox and generator housing)
Correlation of wind production and demand essentially randomHourly data from 1 year on the Bonneville Power Authority grid in the Pacific Northwest - With load on the y-axis and wind generation on the x-axis, it is clear that at any load, wind generation was anywhere from 0 to ~1,200 MW and 0 to ~600 MW in the summer months. (Positive correlation means that as load increases, so does wind generation; negative correlation means that as load increases, wind generation decreases; perfect correlation is expressed as 1.0.)
Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm producing less energy and at higher cost than anticipatedMissouri's Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm in Gentry County is producing less energy and at a higher cost than was anticipated. The goal was to produce 2 percent of Missouri's energy in 2008, at a cost of $80 per megawatt-hour. The actual amount has been between 0.5 percent and 1.4 percent a month.
Sublette, Illinois - 399' total height, person at base is 5'6"Sublette, Illinois - 399' total height, person at base is 5'6"
Bleak - Rosslare, IrelandBleak - Rosslare, Ireland
Wind turbine fire in MichiganNear Elkton, Michigan, April 1, 2019 - photo by Renee Willis, Huron Daily Tribune

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