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Nina Pierpont interviews Falmouth, Mass., wind turbine syndrome victims — September 2011

The health and well-being of several neighbors was affected after a 1.65-megawatt Vestas wind turbine began operating in July 2010. Falmouth now shuts the turbine down for much of the night.

Mark Cool: He said it took months of headaches and other cognitive changes before he began to realize it wasn’t just him; other neighbors nearby had developed odd symptoms at the same time.

Annie Hart Cool: Annie notes that she was confused why they were feeling so poorly until they began to talk to their neighbors and found similar complaints ever since the turbine went online. This began their quest to find answers.

Neil Andersen:

Betsy Andersen:

Ed Hobart: Mr. Hobart believes the turbine’s activity is plaguing his house with an inexplicable thump and causing a variety of health symptoms that make him feel like he has developed a disease.

Sue Hobart: Sue tells Dr. Pierpont she did not understand why she was feeling so badly until she went out of town for a week and the symptoms went away. She began to suspect the turbine was causing them and for relief is planning to move away soon from her dream house.

John Ford:

Robert Rand: Acoustician Robert Rand (Member INCE) of Rand Acoustics, Brunswick, Maine, tells Dr. Pierpont of the strange malady that overcame him while visiting a home adjacent to a 1.65 MW Vestas wind turbine in Falmouth. She asks him about his symptoms and his theory about what may be causing wind turbine syndrome.

Stephen Ambrose: Acoustician Stephen Ambrose on his work is asked about the strange malady that plagued him after he went to work at a house near a 1.65 MW Vestas wind turbine to take sound measurements after the owners were complaining of bad health since the turbine went online. He tells Dr. Pierpont that even while setting up in the house he began to feel strangely unwell, as did his coworker (Robert Rand). Something is happening to these people who live close to turbines to make them feel ill and it is a mystery he would like to solve.

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