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Meredith, N.Y. wind energy law


Section 303. Physical Standards for Wind Energy Facilities. A.

14. No shadow flicker shall be permitted on any off-site residence.

15. The maximum total height of an individual WECS can be no more than 400 feet.

17. The statistical sound pressure level generated by a WECS shall not exceed the ambient decibel level, both A-weighted and C-weighted, plus 5 decibels measured anywhere along the site boundary. Sites can include more than one piece of property and this requirement shall apply to the combined properties. Ambient sound level measurements shall employ all practical means to reduce or compensate for the effect of wind generated noise artifacts at the microphone so as to measure the actual sound level most accurately. Ambient sound level measurements should be performed when wind velocities aloft are sufficient to allow wind turbine operation and should report ambient sound levels for wind speeds aloft corresponding to turbine cut-in as well as the wind speed aloft corresponding to production of the greatest noise. The sound pressure level at off-site residences shall not exceed ambient sound plus 5 decibels, both A-weighted and Cweighted, as determined in accordance with the stipulations of Section 301 (A)(14)(d) of this local law. Independent verification by an acoustical engineer certified with the Institute of Noise Control Engineering shall be provided before and after construction to demonstrate compliance with this requirement.

19. Any work associated with the construction of a Commercial Wind Energy Facility shall not negatively affect groundwater quality or quantity of residential wells within two (2) miles of the facility boundary.

21. No shadow spill shall be permitted on any off-site property.

22. No ice throw shall be permitted off the site of any WECS.

Section 306. Setbacks

Each WECS shall be set back:

A. A minimum of two and one-half times the Total Height of the largest proposed WECS from the nearest Site boundary line or public road.

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