August 16, 2013
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N.I.M.B.Y. Next It Might Be You!!!!!

Luann Therrien

We wonder what we have done
to be the unlucky ones,
forced to live by an Industrial Wind Farm
with officials claiming they do no harm.

We need Industrial Wind, they said with a grin,
to save our planet for our future children.

Parts are built and shipped from overseas,
in the name of going green, O please!

Our Governor has stated birds and bats and bears are expendable.
If turbines were sited by his home and loved ones would he say that still?

When talk of all this started we did not put up a fight,
for little did we know they would bother us day and night.

Round and round the blades are turning,
up and down our stomachs are churning.

Ears are ringing day and night,
sleep disrupted by fright or flight.

Sleep deprivation is no way to live,
at a reduced price our home we will have to give.

Our home and memories we will have to leave behind,
but it is that or lose our minds.

Where will we go? We do not know,
to a place where wind turbines will never be built in a row.

We’ve been expecting PETA to show up at any day,
as living near wind turbines is cruel to animals, to take our pets away.

We have been told sacrifices must be made,
while already rich people are being paid.

People that profit will never live near a turbine,
but expect us to suck it up, toe the line.

I ask you to look in my children’s eyes,
and continue to repeat your lies.

Luann Therrien
Sheffield, Vermont

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