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Toronto, April 28 – Greetings from U.K.

Dear Friends,

It is with joy that we, in the UK, receive news of your demonstration tomorrow [1].

Country Guardian was founded in 1991 to oppose the industrialization of our countryside with wind “farms”. After nearly two decades of research we are in no doubt that industrial windpower does far more damage to the environment than any benefit it purports to bring.

The reality of the wind industry is a far cry from the superficially attractive concept of electricity generated by windpower. Investing in industrial wind power to reduce CO2 emissions is misguided, ineffective and neither environmentally nor socially benign. The main thing wind turbines generate is money for the developers whose main ambition is to pocket Government subsidies and grants funded by the consumer and taxpayer.

These subsidies create an artificial market which props up the wind industry at the expense of the environment.

Wind plant must be balanced almost completely with a secure back-up generation capacity at additional cost.

The irreparable ecological damage, loss of amenity and the distressing divisions within communities caused by industrial wind turbines far outweigh any benefit their insignificant and unreliable contribution to our energy needs may bring with their correspondingly small and uncertain pollution savings.

The significant damage to our environment and the huge financial burden cannot possibly be justified – onshore or offshore.

Windpower is not sustainable. Iron ore and other mines must be kept open as well as quarries. The infrastructure required to capture the so-called “free” supply of electricity from wind, is composed of concrete, steel, aluminium and other finite materials such as rare earth metals.

Industrial wind farms also consume, in vast quantities, that most finite resource of all – our unrenewable rural heritage.

Be assured that Country Guardian and campaigners from across the UK will be with you in spirit on Wednesday, April 28th.

We fight on together!

With heartfelt good wishes for every success,

Yours sincerely,

Angela Kelly
Chairman, Country Guardian

www.countryguardian.net [2]