April 27, 2010
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Support from the Windwahnmarsch in North-Germany (Toronto, April 28)


Dear friends in Canada and USA,

This is a letter from supporters of Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost region in Germany, where once was the cradle of the German wind power. We send you all strength and courage of the world, to fight with success the profiteers and destroyer of nature, landscape and health in the lobby of wind industry !

We represent thousands of victims in the north of Germany, who are suffering since more than two decades from the impact of wind turbines. The symptoms, which Nina Pierpont calls WTS in her book “Wind Turbine Syndrome – A Report on a Natural Experiment”, we already know very well. And our nature and their species (especially birds and bats, soon the whales too by offshore wind turbines), their loss of habitat and life.

We are ashamed that many of the industrial killing machines are coming just from our region. We would be happy to march with you tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is not possible, because you are too far away. But in our thoughts and our hopes we are very close to you!

Prevent the appropriation of land by the wind industry, the destruction of your nature, landscape, health and your property-values before it is too late! In our thoughts we will walk arm in arm with you tomorrow. The monster of greed, we can only defeat together!

Best wishes to Canada from all “headwinders” in northern Germany – we shall overcome one day!

Jutta & Marco from “Windwahnmarsch”, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Remember : “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win” —Mahatma Gandhi

Landesverband de Windkraftgegner
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