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Astounding facts about wind turbines and why they kill eagles

At the Altamont wind farm in California, over 50 Golden Eagles die each year. Accurate figures from other wind farms are not available because of the high security at sites and cover-up by the wind industry.

Why is this happening? The killer of Eagles and all birds of prey is Blade Tip Speed. This is what kills and this is what the wind industry does not put in environmental review documents. A wind farm that was recently approved in northern California is going to construct three different sizes of wind turbines. According to the specifications given, the blades on the proposed turbine towers will be 126 feet, 151 feet, and 156 feet long. They will rotate at approximately 20 rotations per minute. The diameters of each rotation are 252 feet, 302 feet, and 312 feet. What is left out of the environmental documents and kept from the public is that at 20 rotations per minute the tip speeds of the blades for the three turbines are 264 ft/s, 316 ft/s, and 326 ft/s. Converted to miles per hour, these figures are 180 mph, 215 mph, and 222 miles per hour. The speed and power of these blades is what amputates the wings and heads off flying Eagles. From a distance the blades look rather slow but up close these blades move faster than a guillotine.

In contrast, a $1000.00 24-inch high velocity industrial fan used to cool warehouses only rotates at 125 ft/s at the maximum 1200 rpm. This tip speed equals 85 mph. The fan is caged with a wire frame that meets government product safety standards. You would not dare put your finger into these rotating blades because it would be cut off.

The next time you see a green energy turbine on a ridge or on TV, think of the thousands of birds of prey that are chopped up across America each year.