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Studies show that wind farms can harm a human’s health

The recent 5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise revealed empirical data supporting the supposition that adverse physiological effects on people occur due to infrasonic emissions at many wind farms.

This data was recently published in “Wind Watch: Wind Energy Documents” in an interview with Malcolm Swinbank. (www.wind-watch.org).

Infrasonic emissions are generated by the aerodynamic lift forces on the blades, without which, power could not be generated because of lack of driving torque to rotate the blades. Infrasound is a product of the difference in the air pressure created by the blade traveling faster at its tip, than at its center. This inadvertently creates a “nocebo,” effect; defined in medicine as an inert form of therapy causing harmful effects in patients.

Swinbank acknowledges that for years, low-frequency, and more recently, infrasonic noise levels, can contribute to nausea, dizziness, headaches, uncomfortable chest pressure and significant sleep disturbances among those living within wind farm borders (minimized with a 6,000 foot setback.). All of this begs the question…

Does the Macon County Board care?

Bob Kimmons