July 31, 2015

Wind meeting ‘likely won’t happen:’ Premier’s office

Quinte News | Jul 31st, '15 | www.quintenews.com

Mayor Robert Quaiff has been informed that there is likely no chance of a having a meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding industrial wind farms destined for the County.

Last week, mayor Quaiff wrote the Premier and Ministry of Environment on behalf of the municipality after WPD’s $200 million White Pines wind project was approved imploring them to not only listen but to truly hear their concerns and discuss them with County residents.

In his letter, Quaiff says “we are incredibly distraught over this decision and its devastating impact on our community.”

Thursday, Quaiff received a phone call from the Premier’s assistant Andrew, who said “the chance of a meeting in all likelihood will not happen.”

Quaiff says he was told the process is in the stages where the government will not interfere or become involved in discussing and or placing a moratorium on WPD applications.

Quaiff says Andrew told him that the premier’s office will expedite a response to his letter quickly. Further Quaiff says Andrew assured him he will be in touch directly with Minister Glen Murray’s office to express his concerns regarding the resident’s safety in Prince Edward County if the wind turbines arrive.

On Tuesday, council voted against taking any immediate legal action and agreed only to accept a confidential report in regards to appealing WPD’s 27 turbine farm approved for South Marysburgh and Athol.

The appeal deadline is July 31.

Following the July 16 approval of the 59 megawatt wind project, a handful of environmental groups have come forward voicing concerns that this project would cause serious harm to wildlife and habitat.

In an earlier interview, Kevin Surette, manager of communications said WPD has reviewed the 21 project approval requirements to protect the environment and wildlife adding the company believes they will be able to work within those conditions.

Surette says WPD hopes to begin construction this fall or next spring.

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