October 17, 2014

OPP report damage at wind turbine sites across Huron County

CTV Kitchener | Published Thursday, October 16, 2014 | kitchener.ctvnews.ca

Huron County OPP are seeking information on a series of mischief incidents at wind turbine sites.

The most recent bout of damage occurred last week, at a property on Bridge Road, east of Clinton.

According to police, an excavator parked at the site was damaged to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Windows in its cab were smashed, while computer controls inside were destroyed – as were paint markings on the ground nearby, which were meant to indicate where the excavator would be digging.

The other two incidents both occurred in September.

At a site south of Lucknow, rocks were thrown through the windows of two excavators, causing approximately $10,000 in damage.

In the final incident, a porta-potty and light stand generator were damaged at a turbine site east of Port Albert.

Damage in that incident is estimated at $13,000.

Police say most if not all of the incidents are taking place during the overnight hours.

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