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Deal bad for birds in Glenrock/Douglas area

Bird loves should take note of a utility signing with a wind farm (“New deal a green light for Pioneer Park wind farm near Glenrock,” April 22). This is first step toward disaster for birds in the Douglas/Glenrock mountain areas. The farm, operating during nesting periods, will kill the adults needed by the young ones still in the nest. Survival of the brood is doubtful. It is possible the wind energy people will receive a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to kill birds.

Those who love birds and are worried about their safety and survival should contact the utility and the wind energy developers. In the event you are not concerned about birds, you will also note in this article there is a discussion on rate increases in your future electric bill. There are assurances this will not happen. But from my perspective, where wind is used as part of a power grid electric rates have gone up. I’m betting on the increase.

In addition this proposed 80-megawatt wind farm located in the mountains south of Glenrock should be dubbed “Uncle Sam’s pet project.” Why? Because the federal energy regulatory commission compels the utility to buy the wind power whether it is needed or not. And what’s more, when the wind farm sells power to the utility it gets to avoid federal tax of $22 for each megawatt hour. That’s about $6 million a year from us tax payers.

Concerning permission to kill eagles, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service doesn’t require a permit unless the turbines are in eagle territory. When the turbines are built, when it is too late to move to a better location, a permit is issued to kill eagles for 30 years. Apparently there are no off-limit areas? Uncle Sam’s emblem is the bald eagle but it’s not his pet.