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Turbine plan for farm on outskirts of Wisbech deferred after ‘flicker shadow’ protestors force fresh report

A farm on the outskirts of Wisbech has been told to produce a ‘full shadow flicker assessment’ before being allowed to erect a 25 metre tall wind turbine.

John Lankfer Produce Ltd, of Wisbech Road, West Walton, has applied for planning consent to West Norfolk Council for permission to install the turbine behind their farm.

The company claims the turbine, which would be built on land near Wisbech Town Football Club, would “not result in a great intrusion into the natural character of the landscape”.

But their plans met with opposition from a handful of residents whose fears of flicker shadow prompted councillors to defer a decision.

One objector said: “Our bedroom is less than 200m from the turbine which will cause a nuisance through noise and shadow flicker.”

Another neighbour gave five separate reasons for their objection to the wind turbine including noise, pollution and the possible danger to birds and insects.

He argued that if the farm wanted to grow to include a wind turbine “it should be “located on an industrial estate as opposed to a farming and flower growing area.

“The development will set a precedent for further turbines and industrial use within Walton Road, which is already subject to problems.”

Joanne Watson, the council’s neighbourhood nuisance officer, said she had some sympathy for the applicant and recognised it could be frustrating to be asked at a late stage for such a report.

However she said the application should have included such information “and the fact that a turbine is ‘small scale’ has no bearing on the fact that shadow flicker effects can still occur.

“This application had inaccuracies and omissions and it is unfortunate that the applicant now has to face a delay due to that.”