June 27, 2013

South Branch Wind Opposition Group granted meeting with council

SBWOG granted meeting with council | The Leader | June 26, 2013 | www.morrisburgleader.ca

As soon as the South Branch Wind Opposition Group asked South Dundas council to consider a motion to oppose the construction of industrial wind turbines in this community, they requested that the decision be delayed.

First, Leslie Disheau, president of the SBWOG, read the motion they drafted for council to address pass as a resolution with a recorded vote.

Then she said, “BUT – I would like to ask that council hold off on dealing with this resolution until your next regular scheduled council meeting.”

She invited them, with appropriate municipal staff, to meet with representatives of the SBWOG to discuss the suggested resolution.

The group wants the opportunity to discuss specific areas of concern and share information to help council be more informed.

They will get the chance.

Council agreed to the deferral and have scheduled a meeting with the group for next week. South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan will not be part of that meeting as he has declared conflict of interest in the matter.

At the council meeting, Disheau spoke about four myths regarding the South Branch wind project.

According to Disheau, municipal council’s hands are not tied, a lot of money has not been spent on this project by anyone other than the wind developers, the South Branch wind project is not a done deal as it is still under technical review, and she disputes the fact that this project will have no negative impact on the community, pointing to the marked decrease in property values.

“As a council, you should take notice and have concern over the reduction in property taxes, as this is a direct effect on your revenue income,” said Disheau.

Disheau informed council about a public safety matter regarding the turbines.

The Ashfied turbine fire resulted in a debris field that extended 1,800 from the turbine base. “If turbine 15, which is located between the villages of Brinston and Dixon’s Corners caught fire and had a debris field of 1,800 m like that in Ashfied, we have two villages getting bombarded by flying debris,” said Disheau.

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