March 25, 2013
Letters, Ontario

It looks like it really isn’t easy being green

March 25, 2013 |

Re: South-end turbine stationary much of the time – March 20

I’m writing in connection with your coverage of the return on investment of the wind turbine the city placed on its south-end emergency services station.

Oh what joy to be virtuous at the taxpayers’ expense.

A politician decides that a green badge of honour and the associated photo opportunity is well worth the $50,000 expense of a wind turbine in the south end. Never mind that said turbine produces’ about $38 per year of electricity when calculated at peak rates.

Let’s see, that means it will be paid off in only 1,315 years!

When Kermit the Frog used to say, “it’s not easy being green,” I didn’t realize he was referring to the poor beleaguered taxpayer.

The fine print, by my math: 581 kilowatt hours, times 11.8 cents an hour, divided by 22 months = $3.12 per month. That does not include the greenhouse cost of actually making the steel, building, transporting, and erecting the tower.

Mike Breil


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