March 8, 2013

Amherst Island residents reject proposed wind project

Stephanie Wilkins | CKWS Newswatch | 3/7/2013 |

A proposed wind turbine project on Amherst Island isn’t sitting well with island residents.

Last night was the final open house for the project – and islanders made their voices heard

Newswatch’s Stephanie Wilkins was there.

Frustrated and running out of time…..

These Amherst Island residents gave their final plea against the proposed Windlectric turbine development.

Randy Hillier, MPP LFL & A:

“The people of Amherst Island do not want their community and their homes destroyed by this faulty and foolish green energy act and industrial wind turbines.”

Inside the company was fielding questions and outlining a plan that they feel benefits everyone.

Jeff Norman, Algonquin Power:

“Rather than having one big nuclear facility having this distributed generation is a great economic spur for regions that could use a bit of help and so I think it’s important to keep that in mind.”

Stephanie WIlkins:

“This is the final open house that will be held for the Amherst Island Wind Energy Project and while members of the community were invited out by Windlectric residents believe they really have no interest in listening to what they have to say.”

Randy Hillier, MPP LFL & A:

“To call this a public consultation is foolish. This is a demonstration of nice coloured pictures to make it appear that people are being consulted. This is not a consultation it is a charade.”

From here the project proposal will be given to the Ministry of the Environment for final approval.

Although they have had opposition from residents every step of the way Windlectric doesn’t forsee any major hurdles.

Jeff Norman, Algonquin Power:

“We’re anticipating that we will have the renewable energy approval in November or December of 20-13 of this year and then the construction cycle will be bout 18-months of construction.”

But Island residents warn that they won’t just sit back and watch the turbines move in.

Janet Grace, Resident:

“Up until now we have been very peaceful we have been very respectful of the company of the proponents. Should they choose to bulldoze this threw that may change and I guess that’s all I’m willing to say on that.”

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