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Awards are offensive

The irony in watching the wind industry hand out awards to teachers called Golden Apple Awards is not lost on me – a teacher who has suffered because of their industry. What is even more insulting is the fact that the Kincardine Chamber of Commerce is an actor in this tragic farce.

In Greek mythology, the Green Apple has a unique significance.

Zeus had a marriage celebration and failed to invite Eris the goddess of discord. Eris, upset by the snub, went anyway and brought a golden apple from the Garden of Hesperides – a bad omen. She called out for the fairest one to come forward to receive the award and, just like the three teacher nominees from the Kincardine Chamber of Commerce, three maidens came forward so Paris the son of Zeus would judge them as they flaunted their various attributes.

Paris chose Aphrodite who promised him the love of Helen aka Helen of Troy and the Trojan Wars (sounds like a wind turbine contract for 20 years). Like Helen and the Trojan Horse, Kincardine’s promised Trojan horse is the hundreds of wind turbines driving people away from their homes creating wind turbine refugees.

The moral of the story? The wind company and its consultants, like our past MPP and Minister of Agriculture, should not try to bribe flatter the teaching community with Golden Apple Awards. But if they insist and if anyone wants to nominate me, I would bring an educational speech that would not flatter but say what clearly this Chamber of Commerce needs to hear. There is significant harm that this industry is inflicting upon our families – including school children and communities – and this industry does not do anything that deserves the adjective ”golden.”

A Golden Apple Award from a wind company for a teacher? How offensive!

Sandy MacLeod