November 9, 2012

Horizon Wind drops extra power line from project

CBC News | Nov. 8, 2012 |

Horizon Wind says a change it’s made to the Big Thunder wind farm project will “reduce its scope.”

The change won’t affect the number of turbines, however.

The director of community and public affairs for Horizon Wind said it’s removing a second power line that was to run from the wind farm to a main transmission line.

“We didn’t need the tapline, we realized we didn’t need it,” Kathleen MacKenzie said.

“So it was to save us money, and to have fewer structures related to the project.”

MacKenzie noted the project still calls for one power line between the wind park and existing lines on Loch Lomond Road.

“There has been lots of speculation that we have a plan to build much more than we’ve said,” she said. “Maybe this will show people that, actually the project is going in the other direction.”

Horizon’s renewable energy application to the province calls for 16 turbines. The company has a deal with the Ontario Power Authority to sell power produced from eight turbines. If they can’t find a deal for the power from the other eight, MacKenzie said they won’t build them.

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