November 6, 2012
Letters, Ontario

Wind things are not green

Shoreline Beacon | November 6, 2012 |

Is it ever going to stop? Are their fairy stories ever going to end?

Big business and our governments are about to make us responsible for another mess created by them. Those of you that may still think industrial wind turbines are so green are in for yet another big let down.

Our next big headache is that the many 1000s of broken and failed blades from industrial wind turbines are not recyclable and they will be filling up landfill dump sites. They are even trying to burn them which is now creating more toxic chemicals into the air. Isn’t that the same air that the industry and governments said they would be cleaning up with these wind turbines?

Calculations now show that by 2034, there will be 225,000 tonnes of unwanted industrial wind turbine rotor blade material waste and that’s only in one of the smaller countries that have embraced wind as a cure to Global Warming. Also, it’s now estimated that there are 14,000 industrial wind turbines across the U.S. that have become derelict since the Eighties.

Does this sound “Green” to you still? The industry, and what appeared to be our very own dictating bully Dalton McGuinty seem to think it is. Oh! Oh! Dalton has flown the coup, I wonder why?

As said by many “just because a power source is an alternative, or a renewable, does NOT automatically mean that it is better than any conventional or fossil fuel source.”

Let’s face it people, your nothing but an easy money mark! It’s time to remove your heads from the sand and face reality. Industrial wind turbines are just becoming another scam to take your money.

At the very least it’s another example of poor planning, poor technology and it certainly defeats the renewable goal.

Charley Urbanek
Port Elgin

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