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Irresponsible denial of genuine suffering

The relentless litany by wind farm proponents that “there is no credible peer review evidence” of adverse health effects (AHE) misses the point entirely.

While such a conclusion is not supported by formal reviews of the evidence in Ontario, the real point is that there is a relative lack of research concerning AHE in spite of the industrial wind turbines (IWT) being deployed for over 20 years.

The response should not be denial of AHE but rather a call for research to investigate the world-wide reports of AHE.

In the absence of further research, the denial of genuine suffering experienced by people living in the environs of IWT is irresponsible.

Why don’t the members of the Royal Colleges in Australia ask themselves if any of their member physicians have ever evaluated a victim, done sleep studies, serum cortisol levels or brain MRI’s.

Better still the results of the foregoing tests should be repeated after victims have been in the environs of IWT and then contrasted with the findings after they have been away from wind turbines for two weeks.

In Ontario, Canada, significant changes have been found.

Furthermore, the Royal College of Physicians should seek evidence of
* IWT safety as determined by clinical or epidemiological studies
* Net reduction of greenhouse gases in any jurisdictions with resultant health benefits.

No “credible peer review studies” will be found that exonerates IWT unless something has been published in the last 24 hours.

The behaviour of proponents supporting interventions such as wind farms in the absence of evidence does more harm in the fight to reduce greenhouse gases than any climate change denial.

Professor Emeritus R Y McMurtry, Ontario, Canada