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Some questions about wind

This week we received a letter from Al Leggat, Stantec Consulting, inviting us to a meeting at the Smithville Christian High School on Sept. 20. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the reduced and amended project layout for the Niagara Region Wind Corporation. The proposed wind turbines will now be within view of our property.

We were completely dumbfounded to learn that 44 wind turbines are proposed to go in the area from west of Caistor Gainsboro Townline to Victoria Avenue to Smithville Townline Road as the northern boundary. There are 35 more turbines proposed south of West Lincoln.

I think we have been living under the proverbial mushroom as we had no idea that our area was not only under scrutiny for such a development, but is now a probable large home for 44 wind turbines. I have spoken to neighbours and they had NO idea that this was happening in our rural community. Although many had heard about the five turbines going in the Westbrook area.

This week I have been writing and phoning to get a general idea of what is happening here.

I have learned:

1. The implementation of 44 wind turbines is believed to be a done deal!! Although it is called a draft site plan and report.

2. Our local Municipal Council has no recourse to protect us. Blame cannot be placed at the local Council door.

3. This turbine project has been taken over by the provincial government to provide us with clean renewable resources.

4. It is questionable that we need the resources.

5. The renewable resources from our local turbines may be sold to Quebec and the United States.

6. Our local farmers have sold out for the rumoured amount of $50,000 per year for each wind turbine to be on their land.

7. In other areas the leasing land farmers are being sued by residents living near the turbines. Lawyers may be gearing up to collect information for class action lawsuits in this area.

8. If you write to your local West Lincoln Council, Tim Hudak (Provincial Representative), Dean Allison (Federal Representative) or Al Leggat on behalf of the Niagara Region Wind Corporation, there may be no response. Except for Sue-Ellen Merritt, an exceptional lady councillor, who has answered some of my questions in a politically correct and diplomatic manner.

9. Even though there are northern prevailing winds from Lake Ontario, no one seems to know why the beautiful escarpment properties above Grimsby are not involved in the turbine project.

10. Maps to show turbine infected areas are in your Municipal offices. (yes I do mean infected not affected….)

11. There is a West Lincoln Wind Action Group. (www.wlwag.com) The website contains a lot of valuable information.

12. Our homes and lands in West Lincoln are depreciating in value as I write.

13. In Europe, some wind turbine generators have not been a successful means to produce a renewable energy source.

14. Everyone should come to the meeting at the Christian High School in Smithville on Sept. 20th. If you are not affected this time, you could be in the future.

Susan Smith