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Protestors against wind turbines showing determination

You could hear a pin drop as over 400 concerned citizens congregated at the Camlachie Community Centre east of Sarnia on Tuesday. Guest speakers affected by wind turbines made emotional presentations detailing health concerns and significant property devaluations.

The meeting hosted by W.A.I.T.-PW (We’re Against Industrial Turbines—Plympton-Wyoming) was organized to educate residents of the massive wind turbine project coming to their community.

This Suncor-owned project “Cedar Point” consists of 62 of what may be the world’s highest turbines (up to 800 ft.) that organize of the protest say will litter the pristine countryside. Another turbine concentration called the Jericho Project consists of 92 turbines that will overlap this same area with many more planned.

Mayor Lonny Napper and Conservative MPP Bob Bailey were also at the meeting where they explained how council recently passed tough new rules on setbacks which means how close wind turbines can be from any non-participating landowner or home. The Green Energy Act calls for a 550 meter setback, while the Town of Plympton-Wyoming has increased this to 2,000 meters.

Lawsuits questioning property values and health concerns have been threatening many turbine projects across Ontario and beyond.

Nikki Horton, a land owner in the Chatham-Kent area,surrounded by dozens of industrial turbines spoke on the ill health effects they have had in their family.

Bill Palmer a retired sound engineer from Port Elgin-Paisley also spoke about the more than six years of studies he has performed around the world on wind turbines.

Palmer is a member of the Canadian Acoustical Association and the Acoustical Association of America and has presented a number of papers on wind turbines. Dozens of charts, graphs, and slides were shown to explain the negative issues surrounding industrial turbines. Townspeople roared in approval of their presentations. Individuals stood one at a time to pledge hundreds of dollars to assist with the Town’s lawsuit.

Over 1,500 “Stop the Industrial Wind Turbines” signs have been purchased by landowners to post on their properties. Over 1,500 petition signatures have also been collected. The crowd exploded in support when the signatures were handed over to MP Bob Bailey as he vowed to deliver them to the Ontario Liberal government on Plympton-Wyoming’s behalf.

For more information go to www.wait-pw.ca