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Wind turbine study: Could it impact Thorold?

With Health Canada’s recent decision to take a look at the possible dangers giant wind turbines create, Thorold members of council who helped bring in the $25 million investment with TSP Canada Towers Inc. will keep a close eye on the sudden situation.

TSP Canada Towers specializes in building wind turbines for energy and had reached an agreement with the City of Thorold to turn the old Dana Plant into a turbine production facility.

The problem that has now arisen is Health Canada’s decision to look for the first time in detail the impact wind towers have on residents. The North American Platforms Against Windpower (NA-PAW) have been voicing their displeasure with the large structures for years and have slowly gained momentum as many more victims come forward with more and more turbines being built.

Residents near wind turbines complain of headaches, insomnia, anxiety and dizziness while the NA-PAW says the damage goes further than human beings.

The impact on wildlife, especially birds, is being pushed. Claims of distasteful sightlines for communities across Canada are also a hot topic as the local awareness has finally held Health Canada responsible. However, the study is expected to take months, a year or years to complete as the investigation begins.

That’s not good enough for Sherri Lange, CEO of NA-PAW.

“We cannot afford to have this highly charged health issue continue while studies are done,” she told the Canada Free Press. “Windfarm developers and their supporters in government have created a terrible social injustice, and it must be rectified.”

The organization is now urging the government to stop current developments of wind turbines during the study to save people in subsiding areas – possible hurting Thorold in the process.

Although they have not completed updating the facility, TSP Canada Towers have already come into agreements for wind turbines to be produced for companies across Canada and a delay may disrupt business before they even begin.

The recent news is nothing to hit the panic button over just yet, but may create some hurdles as the giant company looks to hire 150 local residents. Wind power is still cleaner and safer than alternatives and with so much vast terrain across Canada, the opportunities to structure the turbines away from civilization is possible.

TSP Canada Towers also planned on building water-based turbines at the Thorold location if business proved to be successful and could easily change the entire plant to wind turbines for lakes, oceans and such. Even being so early in development, TSP has the opportunity to make changes in their product if that is the final outcome for the government.

The final study results will take time, leaving Thorold anxiously sitting and waiting.