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Industrial turbines will blight Sarnia-Lambton

I am a concerned citizen in Plympton-Wyoming asking your readers for help with our current community crisis.

As you know, the Green Energy Act that the Provincial Liberal party passed is causing havoc in many small rural communities in southwestern Ontario. Unfortunately, our local community is not excluded.

As a larger community, we need to rally together with other regions in Ontario to stop these industrial turbines as they are NOT the best answer for environmental “green” energy.

The hundreds of planned wind turbines are way too large for us to have in our residential and tourism areas of Sarnia-Lambton. We’re often thought of as the ‘sunshine coast’ or as ‘Ontario’s West Coast’ or as ‘Bluewaterland,’ but think of the large shadows that are cast from mammoth blades, which would constantly be moving on sunny days.

You’ll be seeing shadows on the water, in fields and on the highway as you travel down the road. Some areas have also experienced reflections through windows inside homes and in community school yards where children play.

If you’ve been around these moving shadows you will know it feels like you are on a moving train all the time. Hundreds of industrial turbines littering our scenic waterfront and rural farmland will change the view of Sarnia-Lambton to current and prospective residents, and tourists forever.

The Dalton McGuinty government needs to consider removing the industrial wind turbines from the Ontario Green Energy Act and replace them with more environmentally friendly and efficient ways of producing “Green Energy,” as this is definitely not the answer.

Our Ontario taxpayer dollars should be spent innovating less invasive energy producers. Encouraging and supporting local initiatives and solutions would be nice.

There’s got to be a better way. I am 27 years old and am very discouraged about these large industrial turbines coming into my

community. If they do come, we are going to drive people out of our region, both residents and tourists, just to get away from the turbines. I’m part of a creative generation.

It won’t be long before there is a ‘next best thing,’ a more efficient, less invasive energy producer, and we’ll be left with these monster wind turbines and a tarnished reputation (yet again) for our region.

Having hundreds of industrial wind turbines installed throughout Sarnia-Lambton and along the Lake Huron waterfront is not the best answer.

What can you do?

1) Take the time to Google “industrial wind turbines.” You will be shocked. How could this happen in our region?

2) Take a minute to sign a petition (like I have) which will be sent to Dalton McGuinty before it’s too late! (www.wait-pw.ca).

Jenn Clarke