May 2, 2012
Massachusetts, Press releases

Against neighborhood opposition, City of Salem quietly moving ahead with plans to build industrial-sized wind turbine on Winter Island Park

Salem Wind, Contact: Janice Walker, JD Walker Communications, LLC (781) 290-6528, 2 May 2012

The City of Salem is still quietly moving ahead with plans to build an industrial sized wind turbine – 40 stories high – on Winter Island Park in 2012. Last week, the City of Salem began conducting sound testing in Salem and in Marblehead neighborhoods at the taxpayer’s expense.

“There are well-documented problems worldwide when industrial wind turbines are built too close to residential homes. In many previous cases there have only been a few homes located within a mile of these turbines, but in Salem and Marblehead there are over 1,000 homes located within a mile of Winter Island. Many acoustical experts recommend a 1 ¼ mile set back to the closest home from these industrial turbines. That recommended setback reaches deep into both Marblehead and Salem,” said Ed Moriarty, President of Salem Wind.

“I urge everyone to research the complaints associated with wind turbines and contact your public officials to voice your concern about the construction of a massive industrial wind turbine in the middle of Salem Harbor,” Moriarty added.

Salem Wind is a coalition of local families who advocate for safe and responsible energy resources, but are opposed to the installation of an industrial wind turbine on Winter Island Park. At its’ own expense, Salem Wind is monitoring all of the testing and also is hiring its own consultant to ensure the correct measurements are taken.

“As a grassroots effort, Salem Wind can only succeed in fighting the installation of the wind turbine with additional funding by neighbors and concerned citizens,” said Moriarty. “We encourage Salem, Marblehead residents and other concerned citizens to join in our cause. Our goal is to stop the progress of putting this turbine on Winter Island Park, which in addition to noise hazards could cause significant health issues that could put our neighbors at risk at home and in the entire Salem Harbor area.”

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