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Turbines drone on ignored at all levels

In response to your recent articles concerning the hundreds of new industrial wind turbines for Chatham Kent, the people who do not yet have turbines in their area should know the turbines are extremely loud. The Ontario government and the wind companies claim a 40-decibel limit is in place. I believe that never in Ontario has this regulation been enforced.

The Ministry of Environment recently did some noise testing at my house. For the entire testing period, the noise level was never below 40 decibels and often over 60 decibels. Absolutely nothing has been done to deal with this problem.

All the government agencies and wind companies claim that wind turbine noise is not significantly different than other common outdoor noises. And yet the wind turbine noise can be heard and is extremely disruptive inside peoples’ homes, when all other outdoor noises cannot be heard inside the home.

People living near these wind turbines have been suffering health problems because of these turbines. Some health problems are very severe. And those most affected are the elderly and young children.

I have gone to great lengths to inform all levels of government of these problems. Every single government agency/person that I have contacted refuses to do anything about these problems.

More than 80 municipalities in Ontario have spoken out strongly against wind-turbine development. Our Chatham-Kent mayor and council idly sit by and do nothing.

David Libby