February 1, 2012
Letters, Ontario

Pilot wind project covers vast field


How noble of Mr. Baines and Windstream Energy to offer to be a “test subject” for offshore wind projects in Ontario (“Firm offers to be test subject for wind projects”, Jan. 26). How very generous to offer to spend $1.5 billion (all of it subsidized by consumer energy costs) so that government can “study the science.”

Let me see if I have this straight – they will do all of the studies and produce all of the reports that the Ontario government wants, then they’ll build the project? I guess that means that the results of the studies are already foregone conclusions, just a rubber stamp as far as Mr. Baines is concerned.

Secondly, this is being presented as a “pilot project” of something like 100 turbines, each standing about 120 metres high, with rotor diameters of over 90 metres – a vast field of Industrial Wind Turbines extending over an area of several hundred square kilometres of Lake Ontario, from the west shore of Wolfe Island along the U.S. border to Main Duck Island and north to the south shore of Amherst Island (the entire eastern end of the lake, as shown on Windstream’s own documentation).

If this is a pilot project, how big will the real thing be?

Ian Dubin


URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/02/01/pilot-wind-project-covers-vast-field/