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Wind energy sites restrict our freedoms

I live in a community where I will no longer be able to proceed with my future plans for my farm.

I was hoping to build my version of eco-friendly living – a straw bale home – in a better location at the back of my farm property along with better farm structures. But I can no longer proceed with these plans even though I meet all the regulations for zoning, planning and building – because of the Green Energy Act. I cannot put my new home and buildings in the desired locations because it would change the setbacks for the siting of a wind turbine.

I am not an idiot, and realize the world is in a mess. I think wind energy and solar energy are great in small community systems. These turbines will be 550 metres from my current home and will be 40 storeys tall. Aside from the destruction of the rural landscape, I thought I must do more investigation and think hard about my selfish opposition – which I believe I am entitled to.

None the less, I must think as a global citizen. I have researched and written letters and asked questions and then done it again. I have talked to opponents and proponents trying to find the truth – but the truth is not readily apparent. There is huge flaws in the supposed “science” and the work has not been done to make sure that real scientific methodology has been applied in the study of effects and efficiency all over the world. Just because the word “green” is attached to something doesn’t make it so. I get pat answers from the environment and energy ministries, and form letters from the wind-generation companies. Environment ministry officials have revealed in documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act that the science is flawed. As for the wind-farm developers, these are huge multinational corporations that all seem to have parent companies and connections that are connected to the oil industry. Is someone looking for carbon credits? Plus they get subsidized at the consumers’ expense.

I have read and consulted on both sides of the issue because it is very important to my future and I really don’t want to be called a NIMBY. I have come to the conclusion I don’t want these mega-failures in any yard. Be open and read the reports from all around the world it isn’t working well enough to be touted as the saviour the Liberals want people to think it is.

The real aspect of job creation is temporary at best. Sweden lost 2.2 jobs for every green job wind created. There isn’t enough room in a letter to the editor to review it all. Then there is the touchy issue that no one seems to believe, that turbines make some people and livestock sick. I didn’t’ believe it myself at first. Investigate and perhaps if you believe in this technology so strongly you would take your belief and challenge it and go talk to the people who live near them. Go to Shelburne and visit. Drive to a home and knock on a door. I did. Don’t be surprised if you go to a house that has a turbine on their property because they probably have a gag order as part of their lease and they won’t talk to you.

The very thing that often lies to us and manipulates us is our governments. This is not an endorsement of the Progressive Conservative party. I am not PC by any stretch of the imagination, but guess I will vote PC because I don’t have a choice. I have never voted PC and I am 57 years old. Dalton McGuinty has given me no options.

Heather Johnston