September 13, 2011
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Certain North Country roads closed to hunters during wind turbine construction

New Hampshire Fish and Game, 12 September 2011

LANCASTER, N.H. – Hunters and other outdoor recreationists who frequent the North Country should note that several roads near the construction site of the wind turbine project in the Towns of Dummer, Millsfield, Odell, Dixville and Erving’s Location are currently closed and will remain closed this fall because of safety concerns related to the large number of employees and specialized equipment on site during the construction.

Construction is currently underway on a renewable energy project being built by Brookfield Renewable Power. More than 300 employees are on site and construction will be active seven days a week until the project is completed, which is expected to be in early December 2011. A total of 33 wind turbines are being installed, a majority of them on the ridgeline in the western section of the Town of Millsfield. The remaining wind turbines will be located near Dixville Peak in the Town of Dixville.

The area that is closed to “non-essential” vehicles and people – is known locally as Dummer Pond Road; it begins on the west side of Route 16 in the southern part of Dummer and goes northward to Erving’s Location. To the north, a second smaller closure involves the West Branch of Clear Stream off Route 26 near the Millsfield/Dixville town line. All other logging roads in the general area are open, similar to past years.

The following breakdown clarifies which roads are closed and which roads are open during the 2011 hunting seasons:

The entire length of Dummer Pond Road is closed. This area also includes the upper sections of Phillips Brook to the west and side roads to the east that connect with Newell Brook.

The lower 6 miles of Phillips Brook Road, accessed by Paris Road in Stark, are open to sportsmen and vehicular traffic up to the newly installed gate.

Newell Brook Road is open to sportsmen and vehicular traffic. Roads branching off Newell Brook Road to the west have gates prohibiting access to Dummer Pond Road.

Millsfield Pond Road and Signal Mt. Road off of Route 26 are open to sportsmen and vehicular traffic, allowing access into the majority of the Town of Millsfield.

To the north, the West Branch of Clear Stream is closed from Route 26 near the Log Haven Restaurant.

“Please be respectful of these temporary closures and respect Brookfield Renewable Power’s concerns as this renewable energy project comes to fruition,” said Lt. Douglas Gralenski of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. “In the short term, safety, to both the workers on site and the general population as a whole, mandates this temporary closure. As soon as construction is complete and the project transitions from construction to production, sportsmen and other members of the public will once again have access to these lands.”

Brookfield Renewable Power has a long-term investment in the wind turbine project and anticipates a long, healthy relationship with the communities and citizens of the area.

“The members and management of the Brookfield and RMT Project Team, including all of the local contractors and construction workers, sincerely appreciate the patience and support of the community, and especially the anticipated cooperation and understanding of the sportsmen and professional guides who are temporarily inconvenienced by this for the 2011 hunting season,” said Pip Decker of Brookfield Renewable Power. “Safety of our workers is of paramount importance to us. We are confident that both sportsmen and guides share the same concerns for these men and women, and do so following in the finest tradition of the outdoor sportsman. At the completion of the project, all roads and access will be reopened.”

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