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Think about turbine’s negative effects

The negative effects of a wind turbine in Duxbury would impact a much larger area and population than that of its neighbors on Hounds Ditch Lane. While the wind turbine technology to be used has not yet been determined, a size range of between 450kw and 900kw is given in the SED presentation.

To put this in perspective at its smallest size, imagine a 20 story high tower supporting a turbine housing the size of a bus and three rotor blades each ones length being comparable in size to the height of the Myles Standish monument sweeping over an acre of land at a speed of more than 100mph. That is what is being proposed as a 375th anniversary “gift” to our historic town.

We have many concerns about the proposed wind turbine. One that may interest those that cherish our dark rural skies are the Federal Aviation guidelines which state that if the top of the rotor-swept area is more than 199 feet above ground level that lights would be required for aviation safety. Unless otherwise requested by the FAA, only white strobe lights should be used as solid red or pulsating red incandescent lights appear to attract night-migrating birds at a much higher rate than white strobe lights.

Guidelines from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) state that wind towers should not be near wetlands or other known bird or bat concentration areas. We have not yet had the opportunity to plot the coordinates of the favored proposed site No. 1, but we have visited the approximate area on the trails located behind the ninth hole tee box at North Hill and found that the North Hill Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is but a stone’s throw away.

We are all for “green” energy but don’t feel that this one is the best long term solution for our town.

Laurie McIntosh

John Andrews

Hounds Ditch Lanw