March 14, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Wind industry knowingly violated rights

The Sun Times, 14 March 2011

I’m a mother of two and a resident of Grey Highlands who cares about the good health and well being of my family and of my rural neighbours.

I’ve taken cheap shots from wind industry salespeople like Roberta Knox before. It won’t stop me from speaking out on an issue that has such a powerful and negative impact on our health, our homes, our ever-expanding electricity bills and the well-being of our community.

Democracy has been violated thanks to the Green Energy Act which was, in large part, put together by the wind industry. We expect to have a meaningful say about the industrialization of farmland by turbines down the road from us, but this is not the case.

We think that if something goes wrong, ie, wind turbine noise is so loud that we become seriously sleep deprived and ill, that we will get help from the agencies we believe are there to protect us such as the Ministry of the Environment, but this is not the case either.

John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment, keeps saying that if there is a problem he can shut the turbines down, that he has a big stick to do that with. Don’t count on Wilkinson’s crooked stick to straighten out the wind industry.

Ontario families have and are abandoning their homes or trying to manage in their homes as their bodies are invaded by excessive noise, vibration and electrical pollution from turbines sited nearby, many well over 550 metres away.

Families who have been fighting for over three years to find relief and to be able to stay in the homes they love, have found no help from the wind company, provincial government or its agencies. Victims and victim’s groups have been persistent in asking for help or even simple acknowledgement of their suffering.

Without a doubt, this government knows exactly what is going on. They and the wind industry have knowingly violated our rights, our health, our united communities and our economy for years to come. I will continue to sound the alarm.

Lorrie Gillis
Grey Highlands

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