February 3, 2011
Letters, Wyoming

Remove illegal wind turbines

trib.com 3 February 2011

Recently I have heard the rumor Commissioner Rob Hendry wants to do something about the blinking red lights on the turbines of the Chevron wind farm. I am all for this, but what will our commissioners do about the daylight issues? Flickering sunsets and the visual impact that wind turbines have on our little subdivision and you cannot tell me that they will not have an impact on property values!

If the commissioners were to have Chevron remove the six turbines that were illegally and irresponsibly placed there, I would bet there would be no more complaints. We know that the commissioners can do this.

What about that? Since we have a new chairman of the county commissioners, Ed Opella, what does he have to say about this? Will you stand up for us, Chairman Opella? Aren’t you up for re-election next year? It is time for our county government to actually listen to its residents that they were elected by.

You commissioners seem to be spending a lot of time on the old car issue and I don’t believe you can see these old cars from all over the county. Be a man, Chairman Opella, we elected you; stand up for us, Chairman Hendry didn’t. Oh but he will be profiting from the wind industry. Could that have something to do with it?

STAN MUNDY, Evansville

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