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Kincardine backs new wind power guidelines

KINCARDINE – Municipality of Kincardine council is supporting a new set of wind power application requirements for Bruce County to endorse.

Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie outlined the recommendations, which differ from the Green Energy Act, but are designed to be presented to wind companies with the understanding that local municipalities are working to “allow for future growth.”

Eadie said setbacks are one of the key features, with a 750m setback recommended for participating or non-participating landowners, beyond the 550m requirement set by the province. Setback from “primary” communities are recommended to be 2,750m, while “secondary” communities like local hamlets would be 1,750m.

In terms of local airports, wind turbines “shall not affect the flight approach,” she said There’s also documentation on decommissioning, which focuses on the company putting forward all costs to meet each turbine’s end-of-life cycle above and below ground.

Eadie said she’s also recommending all electrical wires be buried underground, as a way of protecting residents from “harmonics and induction” health effects that have been acknowledged as an issue from unfiltered electricity generated by turbines.

She said the document also requires the red, aviation warning lights “be shielded so the light goes upwards.”

Counc. Maureen Couture said she supports the concept, but the fact is with the Green Energy Act, wind companies “don’t have to apply” to municipalities or counties for approval, or follow development policies or guidelines drawn up by them either.

“We should be working to see the Green Energy Act removed so there is planning authority,” Couture said.

Councillors agreed and sent the document to Bruce County council for review.

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