January 11, 2011
Letters, Ontario

Documentary only disclosed partial facts about turbines

Orangeville Banner, www.orangeville.com 10 January 2011

Dear CBC,

Your wind turbine “documentary” was devoted almost exclusively to the merits of wind turbines.

You cited the financial returns to farmers on whose land they are constructed, the “green” aspect of the energy generated and some favourable comments.

But you did not examine the subject from a province-wide perspective or interview the objectors for their reasons, for opposing comments.

You ignored the many instances of chronic illness and headache among neighbours, or interview those who were forced to move away and some who persuaded wind turbine companies to buy them out.

You failed to observe that many farmers near to wind turbines cannot sell their land for any money. You did not note that wind turbine hosts are enjoined by the terms of the contract not to speak publicly about the effects.

You certainly did not mention that Energy Minister Duguid established one setback (550 metres) for rural communities and another setback (five kilometres) for urban areas.

You did not quote Mr Duguid, who told a rural resident who questioned the difference in setbacks, “Get used to it.” Mr Duguid is more concerned with complaints from the millions of Toronto voters than he is about thousands of affected landowners.

In sum, your “documentary” was a diatribe of propaganda from the Ontario Liberal government, certainly not an unbiased report on the pros and cons of wind turbines. Why not interview some folks from Dufferin County in a second visit to the subject?

Charles Hooker, Orangeville

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2011/01/11/documentary-only-disclosed-partial-facts-about-turbines/