December 11, 2010
Letters, Ontario

Much to know about dotting rural landscape with wind turbines

The Beacon Herald, 8 December 2010

As a farmer and neighbourhood member, I ask for the community to take interest in a neighbour problem. Wind turbines have become a topic that has created a great deal of discussion and concern. Viewpoints vary, hearsay causes confusion and lack of knowledge leads to vulnerability. If you wish to empower yourself, to find answers to questions, inform yourself.

Wind turbine companies have signed leases in the areas surrounding Stratford, Mitchell, Sebringville and St. Marys and are currently canvassing Fullarton and Hibbert wards. Once leases are signed, our neighbourhoods will become what every other community with turbines have become: divided, neighbour against neighbour, communities split because of secrecy of leases and fear of the health problems that do develop.

To landowners, since you are the key to wind turbine construction, please inform yourselves before signing. Signing a lease may gain you some money, but if other issues develop, is the money that important? If you or your neighbour are sick or a community fight has occurred, was it worth it? Don’t believe me. I can direct you to other landowners who can tell their story of ill-success. What about health issues? Some people have wind turbines and never have health issues. It is estimated that only 10-20% of the people are affected by them, so of five people asked, only one person will suffer from some form of health effect. Be sure you talk to that one person.

If you want facts, if you want information before you sign a lease, if you want to know why many are causing such a fuss about wind turbines, attend the public information meeting happening Thursday, Dec. 16 at 7.30 p.m. at the Arden Park Hotel in Stratford where Dr. Robert McMurtry, former dean of medicine of University of Western Ontario, will discuss health issues, David Collings, farmer/lease holder and electrical consultant, will disclose his findings and Carmen Krogh, who holds a BSc of pharmacy, will discuss health and social issues.

To landowners, I appeal for the concern of our communities and challenge you to inform yourselves by hearing these speakers before committing to a wind turbine lease that cannot be retracted, a lease that could split your community and that could cause health problems for many. It is your responsibility as a community member to be informed. I invite all to do so on Dec. 16 at the Arden Park, Stratford.

Tom Melady, concerned citizen RR 2 Dublin

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