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Wind Farm Inquiry Day 7 — Afternoon

Further evidence has been presented to the Middlemoor inquiry about the potential impact of turbines on the landscape and historic sites.

Northumberland chairman for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Dominic Coupe, told the hearing: “Our group is concerned that this beautiful and historic landscape, in England’s most tranquil county, would be significantly impacted in a way that is alien to it.

“I consider the impact on the landscape character of the area, altering a tranquil, rural landscape with great time-depth to one dominated by large modern industrial structures.

“I identify the use made of it by members of the public, its value both as an irreplaceable historic and landscape resource, and to the local economy.

“I note also the potential cumulative impact with other applications for similar development within the planning system and address the increased risk to travellers on the major route through the area.”

Mr Coupe outlined a swathe of sites of historic interest, stretching from Holy Island across to Flodden Field, which the CPRE fears would be irreperably damaged by the turbines.

He added: “I conclude that this development will cause severe harm to the setting of nationally important historic resources; severely damage the landscape character of the area.

“It will be harmful to visual amenity, for both residents and visitors, cause potential cumulative and road safety impacts, and that not only will it will not accord with government policy designed to protect the countryside and the historic environment but, also, it fails to accord with the government’s policy on the location of renewable energy proposals.”

Northumberland Gazette

22 November 2007