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Concern at Waste Dump on Turbine Site

Save Our Silton (SOS) are today calling for information and witnesses to discover what was placed in the waste dump immediately adjacent to the proposed site for 6 giant industrial wind turbines at Silton in Dorset.

The developers Ecotricity apparently believe the tip to contain only “inert” waste, but local residents are well aware that “active waste”, which decomposes causing odor and fluid discharge, was in fact deposited in the site.

Local residents such as Tim Allard, a member of Save Our Silton recall, “We wrote a letter to the Environment Agency about a decade ago regarding this landfill site as there were dreadful smells that emanated for several years from the decomposing material. The true character of the waste must be on file in the Environment Agency archives, and I’m amazed that the developer doesn’t know about it.”

SOS furthermore notes Ecotricity has used twenty-metre deep concrete piled foundations at other of its wind turbine sites, and with active waste in the very near vicinity at Silton this could lead to negative environmental impacts such as the pollution of the water table.

Chris Langham, Chairman Save Our Silton continued, “It’s quite unacceptable that such a serious omission should have been made by the developer. Comprehensive sub-soil investigation is needed, and we are today asking for further information from anyone who can help us, and North Dorset District Council, understand the true contents of the site. Failure to get this properly examined could be severely detrimental to the local environment and inhabitants.”

People with information can contact the group via their website www.saveoursilton.org


For further information please visit our website www.saveoursilton.org or call 07968 049 832

Notes for Editors

1) Save Our Silton now has more than 500 local, individual and family members.

16 September 2007