September 27, 2014
Health, Noise, Regulations

Public complaints about wind turbine noise and adverse health impacts justified

Ambrose, Stephen; Rand, Robert; James, Richard; and Nissenbaum, Michael

[Abstract] Significant proportions of IWT facility neighbors complain about turbine noise and sleep disturbances, among other adverse health complaints. We undertook an independent evaluation of several wind turbine projects located in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin to assess if common etiological factors exist. Adverse effects appear to relate to a basket of common factors that were overlooked or not included in preconstruction planning including noise predictions and assessments of likely community reactions. Correcting oversights in future projects should result in quieter IWT projects with reduced or no adverse community reactions. A unified methodology for doing so, enabling wind turbine developers, governmental agencies, municipal boards, and private citizens to assess for potential adverse noise impacts during the permitting phase is presented. Our results are consistent with prior USEPA studies, WHO assessments, and Pedersen and Waye research, among others.

Stephen E. Ambrose, Robert W. Rand, Richard R. James, and Michael A. Nissenbaum

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 135, 2272 (2014); doi: 10.1121/1.4877443 [1]

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