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Memorandum of Encumbrance

[This appears to be for the “West Wind” project, commissioned in 2009. Excerpts:]

Encumbrancee [Meridian Energy] intends to undertake the Development on the Development Land.

The Encumbrancer [New Zealand Forestry Group] has agreed to the covenant set out in the Third Schedule to this Encumbrance (Covenant) requiring the Encumbrancer to support any resource consent or other applications made by Encumbrancee relevant to the Development, and not to object to, prevent, prohibit, in any way interfere with or restrain the Development, or oppose any application for resource consent or other authority or consent required by Encumbrancee in respect of the Development.

The obligations and rights set out in this Encumbrance must be complied with and may be exercised for the period of 999 years commencing on the date of execution of this Encumbrance.

The Encumbrancer will not:

3 June 2008

Download original document: “Memorandum of Encumbrance Meridian Energy between New Zealand Forestry Group and Meridian Energy [1]