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Could Wind Turbines Be A Health Hazard?

October 6, 2006, report on the d’Entremont family of Pubnico Point, Nova Scotia, including photographs and links to videos.

The d’Entremonts left their home in February because of health problems caused by the 17 nearby turbines:

D’Entremont said everyone in his family had trouble sleeping once the turbines began operating. He said he’d sleep four hours, and then a “hum” or “vibration” feeling inside of him would wake him up.

D’Entremont also said low frequency noise from the turbines “ate away” at his family’s nerves, that they felt a constant vibration in their chests. During the year they lived next to the turbines, d’Entremont said his youngest two children, a five-year-old and a nine-year-old, “got more aggressive” and developed attention span issues.

D’Entremont said his 19-year-old son who slept in the basement was most exposed to the vibrations from the turbines, because they came up through the cellar. The teen started experiencing vision problems. He said his wife also reported blurry eyesight once the turbines moved in, as if there was a “film over her eyes.” …

Since they moved from their home, Daniel d’Entremont said his youngest children’s teachers commented on what a difference they saw in the students at school. He said his 13- and 15-year-old daughters’ grades also improved after the move. His five-year-old who “never could sleep” when they lived near the turbines, now sleeps on his own and is “more relaxed.”

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