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Comments on Australian gov’t review of wind turbines and health

Two weeks ago, Nina Pierpont testified (teleconference) before the Australian Federal Senate’s Community Affairs Committee, as it holds public hearings on wind turbines and health (among other matters).

During the course of the interview, the Senators referred to a report by the Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council. The ”Wind Turbines and Health: A Rapid Review of the Evidence” (July 2010) report, which loftily dismisses Wind Turbine Syndrome as simply anecdote.

The Senators asked Pierpont if she had read the report. ”Yes, I have,” she replied.

And what do you think of it, they pressed? ”I consider it pitiful and dubious science.”

The next day, “Wind turbines report ‘pitiful’” was headline news.

Pitiful and dubious? Is this possible—from the government’s chief medical and health agency? You could almost hear the Senators gasp! Would Dr. Pierpont be kind enough to write a rebuttal to this “pitiful” report, they gingerly asked?

Here is her rebuttal, now submitted to the Senate Committee. [1]

[By courtesy of windturbinesyndrome.com [2].]