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Charlestown, R.I., ordinance prohibiting wind turbines

[This ordinance was passed by the Charlestown, R.I., Town Council 3-2 on Sept. 12, 2011.]

The Town Council of the Town of Charlestown hereby ordains that Chapter 218 of
the Code of Ordinances, Town of Charlestown entitled Zoning, Section 37 is amended as

ARTICLE VI. Land Use Regulations.

Section 218-37. Specific Land Use Standards and Conditions.

The existing text of this Section is to be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following text:

D. Utilities

(4) Wind Energy Generator Towers and Systems

(4) Wind Energy Facilities

(a) Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide for prohibit the construction and operation of wind energy facilities, as defined below, and to provide standards for the placement, design, construction, monitoring, modification and removal of wind energy facilities that address to protect the public safety and health, and minimize negative impacts on to preserve the scenic, natural and historic resources of the town.

(b) Definitions. […]

(c) Applicability. No Wind Energy Facility or Wind Turbine of any sort or nature is permitted in any zoning district located in the Town. Such uses are prohibited uses in all zoning districts.

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