November 30, 2013
Noise, Technology

Assessment of wind turbine noise in immission areas

Tachibana, Hideki; Yano, Hiroo; and Fukushima, Akinori

A synthetic study program on wind turbine noise titled “Research on the evaluation of human impact of low frequency noise from wind turbine generators” has been performed over the three years from the 2010 fiscal year sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. In this study program, field measurements and social surveys in the immission areas around 34 wind farms across Japan and laboratory experiments on the psycho-acoustical effects of wind turbine noise have been performed. Among them, the methods of measurement and analysis of wind turbine noise are discussed in this paper. It includes a prototype of wide-range sound level meter, wind-screen to prevent the wind-noise at the microphone, practical method of on-site measurement, statistical assessment method of amplitude modulation sound, measurement method of residual noise and indicators for the assessment of wind turbine noise.

Presented at the 5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise, Denver, 28–30 August 2013

Hideki Tachibana, Chiba Institute of Technology
Hiroo Yano, Chiba Institute of Technology
Akinori Fukushima, NEWS Environmental Design Inc.

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