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Alisha's Law

Because of the serious nature of the Health concerns brought to our attention by Lisa Sementilli (mother of 11 year old Alisha Sementilli who suffers from “Central Auditory Processing Disorder”) we are requesting our State and Federal Officials address the “wind turbine” issue and enact a law known as “Alisha’s Law” stating:

Industrial Wind Turbines over 150′ tall shall not be erected closer than 1.5 miles from any residential building, including schools and hospitals, nor shall they be erected closer than .5 miles from the property line of a nonparticipating landowner with vacant land. A “medical and health condition” survey of every resident within a 5 mile radius of a “turbine” or “turbine cluster” is required.

There are over 20 turbines proposed for construction within a 1 mile radius of the Sementillis home. Alisha’s Doctors have recommended a minimum “safe” setback of 1.5 miles from the turbines for her protection from the noise.

[Note: The Sementillis moved away from the Fairfield area in 2009, owing to the lack of action on their concerns and to protect their daughter.]

Download original document: “Alisha’s Law [1]